Toxic Disaster Potential Prediction Analysis Assistant System

Toxic Disaster Potential Prediction Analysis System establishes a poison hazard potential prediction and analysis system with diffusion simulation program and GIS spatial analysis to assess the location and area of potential toxicity spread during disasters and provide various weather information and basic information of the operating stores. Besides, based on the TGOS platform, the basic maps such as the shelters and the road network map are overlapped and predicted the diffusion hazard of toxic substances through parameters in real-time. The system includes 8 functions in the front-end and back-end, such as map operation, positioning information, attribute query, predictive analysis, hazard assessment, account setting, factory management, and account management.

Responsive Web Design (RWB) meets the flexibility of relief services, and integrates the positioning function to find the relationship between the evacuation areas and the disaster potential simulation through the mobile device GPS information, and then minimize losses for people and states through the complete design development.


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