Onward to Istanbul! Supergeo adds a new partner!

Let’s welcome PixMars! Supergeo’s new business partner from Istanbul.

Recently, despite the world and the global economy is unstable, Supergeo has continued to grow its presence in the international market. Supergeo’s rich execution experience and technical capabilities have been widely recognized, and we are excited to introduce our new dealer! Let’s welcome PixMars Information Technologies Ltd. Sti. from Turkey as the dealer of Supergeo SuperGIS products!

PixMars Information Technologies Ltd. provides solutions for both the public and private sectors, assisting clients with creative, scalable solutions through remote sensing (satellite imagery, photogrammetry, etc.) and geographic information systems (GIS) to provide the current diverse market with innovative technical solutions. To provide local universities, governments, and public institutions in Turkey with higher quality and more advanced yet practical GIS products, PixMars cooperates with Supergeo and sell SuperGIS series products to provide customers with better options. SuperGIS Desktop 10 is a desktop geographic information system (Geographic Information System, GIS) of the SuperGIS series, which provides functions such as editing, saving, checking, integrating, processing, analyzing, and displaying geographical data. It can be analyzed and processed using the spatial features and applied to the governments as a reference for urban planning, built environment management, resource management, engineering purpose, etc. With the application of SuperGIS Server, a massive amount of vector and grid spatial data can be shared digitally. On top of that, various data processing programs can also be released, allowing customers to gather more information to improve decision-making quality and work efficiency.

Supergeo is looking forward to cooperating with PixMars Information Technologies Ltd. Sti. to make SuperGIS products widely known and used in Turkey, and to assist users by providing geographic information solutions.

For more information on SuperGIS products:https://www.supergeotek.com/tw/index.php/news/
PixMars Official website: https://pixmars.com/


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