Spatial Analyst

SuperGIS Spatial Analyst is an extension of SuperGIS Desktop. To experience how it could benefit you and your organization, please send us a request for free trial code of SuperGIS Desktop and activate it with the code.


Deriving New Information from Raster Data

SuperGIS Spatial Analyst allows you to perform complex calculations between different raster datasets and hence create new layers with more useful outcomes. Just add weights, reassign values, and enter equations to get the result you want.

Calculating and Measuring the Land Surface

Designed to explore the characteristics of a landscape, Surface Analysis tools can calculate slope, curve, aspect, and the visibility of a specified area from digital terrain data. Therefore, users can apply these results to solve environmental issues like impact assessments.

Processing Image Data and Getting the Statistics

Diverse tools are offered for image re-sampling, cell statistics, image combination, image algebraic calculation, extraction, filter, reclassify, and so on. All these functions are designed to help users process image data and get related statistics so that remote sensing data can be integrated with ease.

Exploring Secrets of Water Flows

By operating SuperGIS Spatial Analyst with the raster-based terrain data and hydrologic data, users can know every detail about a stream. From the direction, the length, the accumulated volume of flows, to the watershed distribution of an appointed region, all these hydrologic features can be delineated on the map by applying the Hydrology Analysis tools!

Pricing Info for SuperGIS Spatial Analyst

Supergeo does not publish pricing information for SuperGIS Spatial Analyst online. Please contact Supergeo Reseller that serves you for detailed pricing information and the most suitable licensing option.

If there isn’t any distributor in your country or region, please mail us directly at

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance is also included in the license of SuperGIS Spatial Analyst. It includes technical supports and updates within the same version. For example, with a valid maintenance, users can upgrade their 10.0 to 10.X without additional cost.