Topology Analyst

SuperGIS Topology Analyst is an extension of SuperGIS Desktop. To experience how it could benefit you and your organization, please send us a request for free trial code of SuperGIS Desktop and activate it with the code.


Fixing while Editing

Topology Analyst helps users create a topology layer to validate features. With this tool, users can arbitrarily set up the tolerance criterion and fix the topological errors more efficiently. The windows for settings are user-friendly. You are allowed to validate the whole map at once or simply work on a specified region.

Abundant Topology Rules

SuperGIS Topology Analyst enables users to apply 27 built-in topology rules to validate the spatial relationships between layers. Its powerful capability ensures the correctness when digitizing and editing complex maps. To avoid further violations of topology rules, it also assists users to view and fix errors.

Pricing Info for SuperGIS Topology Analyst

Supergeo does not publish pricing information for SuperGIS Topology Analyst online. Please contact Supergeo Reseller that serves you for detailed pricing information and the most suitable licensing option.

If there isn’t any distributor in your country or region, please mail us directly at

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance is also included in the license of SuperGIS Topology Analyst. It includes technical supports and updates within the same version. For example, with a valid maintenance, users can upgrade their 10.0 to 10.X without additional cost.