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Supergeo develops advanced and innovative tools that empower people to gather, display, analyze, and share geographic information, allowing people to make decisions in a more painless, efficient, and scientific way.

Vision & Mission

Space is one of the most important forms of our sensibility. When analyzing things spatially or even simply putting them on the map, we can often discover many hidden patterns.

Therefore, since establishment in 2001, Supergeo has dedicated to empowering people to solve problems with the most advanced and easy-to-use geospatial technologies as well as to promoting the power of geographic insights.

Supergeo has long been committed itself to delivering the most professional products and services for our customers. Also, we wish to become the most reliable and trustworthy company in the global geospatial industry.

Meet Our Founder

Founder and president of Supergeo, Super Wang was trained as a Geographer specializing in geospatial technologies in Taiwan’s finest university. Knowing the power of maps and spatial analysis, Wang established Taiwan’s first GIS consulting firm in 1990, enabling people to reduce risks and make smarter decisions.

After having success in GIS consulting, to further raise spatial awareness and explore the infinite possibilities of geographic analysis, in 2001 Wang decided to build his own R&D team and launch a new brand for GIS software. The goal of this newly established brand, SuperGIS, is to help people get GIS software packages with reasonable prices. His insights and leadership continuously inspire all members of Supergeo to develop innovative features that can really meet users’ needs.

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