Surveying consultant company in Indonesia has purchased a large number of Taiwan’s GIS software, leading surveying and mapping in southern Asia to align with the northern

Southern Asia is currently the fastest growing region in the global economy, with high relationship to Taiwan. After the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, cooperation and exchanges between regions became closer. Supergeo is honored to attend the “1st Taiwan- Indonesia Survey Summit”. Not only prompt to make both representative indicator of surveying industry association to sign a memorandum of cooperation, but also met some senior official from Geospatial Information Agency in Indonesia and build up a close communication with the Surveying consultant company. They showed high interest in the GIS products and solutions which provided by Supergeo and purchased intermediately to be the designated product for their data digitization, quality editing, and spatial decision making.

SuperGIS Desktop 10 is a Desktop GIS (Geographic Information System, GIS) product in SuperGIS series, providing editing, storing, checking, integrating, geoprocessing, analysis, and displaying functions spatial data and the related information. In addition, it can help you to deal with various types of map and data formats, including vector maps and raster images. Maps are overlaid by different layers, while each layer only contains one type of features. Users are capable to analyze or process based on the relationship between spatial distributions. Furthermore, users can apply products to government units as township planning, public facilities management, environment, resource management, engineering, etc.

Supergeo has long been deeply involved in the development of overseas space mapping technology. He has accumulated rich experience and technical strength. As we continue to innovate product application services, we are committed to promoting new spatial technologies and services. Driven by diversified solutions, we provide mature GIS cloud technology, 3D cadastral management platform, 3D pipeline management platform, facility patrolling system, 2D/3D data integrated platform, AI addresses positioning application, precision agriculture APP, forest survey APP and other integrated technologies to show Taiwan’s forward-looking and innovative capabilities in geospatial field. We will be willing to share relevant technologies and achievements to others, and to communicate with partners of ASEAN countries.


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