Application for 3D pipeline solution with SuperGIS

SuperGeo recently devoted to the development of 2D, 3D integrated platform solutions, and assist several private pipeline companies to publish and manage 3D pipeline maps, and allow operators to build 3D pipeline management systems easily, which provides the module program includes:

  1. Incorporate the current account management mechanism of the internal management system into the 3D system rights management module to regulate users.
  2. The three-dimensional graphics of the various types of pipelines can be automatically generated from the pipe diameter, buried depth and square tube in the pipeline database, and provide the position under the surface correctly; In conjunction with the 2D map updating and correction operation, the 3D module and mechanism which automatically converting the confirmed data are provided.
  3. Overlapping maps, aerial photo orthophotos and detailed cadastral maps in 3D.
  4. On the basis of the pipeline attribute data, use the map information display function to show the 3D hole cover of this pipeline and pipeline graphic data.
  5. Develop the function that can demonstrate the 3D pipeline arrangement and quantity, and allow users to get attribute table.
  6. Measurement tools are available to measure the length and display values of the 3D pipeline.
  7. Integrated event reporting system, which provides 3D integration information in the system.
  8. Provide multiple labeling functions, such as unit, elevation, pipe diameter, buried depth and coordinate.
  9. By using the information management system and related services, and integrating user information, the system can check the payment status of pipeline user fees, and provide arrears reminders, urgent warnings, etc., to improve the efficiency of operations.
  10. Develop the decision support interactive statistical reports, and integrates into the three-dimensional map, provided to the decision-making users.


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