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With the development of technology and the GIS technology that keeps abreast of the times, today’s surveyors no longer have to carry huge equipment, and they can operate a perfect mobile GIS app through mobile devices. Although the SuperSurv is equipped with a simple and easy-to-use mobile device, the functions are quite complete. It can help users collect high-precision 3D data conveniently and reduce the error caused by paper copying. To provide users with a better experience, SuperGeo is constantly committing to update its products so that it is available for users to get the most convenient GIS products.

This revision update not only optimizes the interface and performance of the operation but also combines the most popular technologies: AR+GIS! Through AR technology, GIS data can be viewed by integrating the lens and real space. In addition to the application of AR, another news is that SuperSurv also fully supports the MBTiles vector brick format now. It is welcome for tiles users to request a trial serial number for a field survey experience! Moreover, the company also added a QR Code scanning function to allow users to get more experience when taking authorization. Due to its easy-to-use, user-friendly features and multi-language support, it can help the field workers to save a lot of time. Most importantly, this mobile GIS app also supports offline use, as long as it obtains authorization while using it for the first time. It is not necessary to perform any authorization and network verification for each subsequent startup. This is a good news for the field workers with poor working network connection quality!

SuperGeo always pays attention to market trends and adjusts product development plans for the first time to meet market demand. However, the AR function of SuperSurv is still in the testing stage. When the function is developed, it will be displayed on the webpage of SuperGeo immediately. Please pay close attention to the latest news of SuperGeo and subscribe SuperGeo YouTube channel to not miss any latest news!


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