Cloud integration system with 2D 3D GIS pipeline facility database

Under the trend of the development and promotion of smart cities around the world, the construction and presentation of two-dimensional maps in the past can no longer meet the needs of specific fields, such as underground pipelines, construction ownership, air pollution, etc., all need to express vertical attributes more accurately. Moreover, the production and display of spatial data in three-dimensional can simultaneously express the relationship between the horizontal and vertical of the spatial objects, which can bring more realistic experience to the user, and is one of the priorities of the future development of the geographic information system.

SuperGeo’s application and solution of 3D GIS are always kept ahead of others, the new SuperGIS Server 10.1 will be launched soon. It integrates the core technologies of 2D, 3D graphics service publishing, service management, and application platform erection. While it is equipped with 3D Earth analysis module, you can freely publish and share 3D model services, and then easily set up the platform for 3D platform application by overlaying the brick service and Digital Elevation Model such as satellite aerial photography. At present, SuperGeo has dedicated to the 3D scene construction of underground pipelines and the promotion of the 3D Cadastral Building Model in the theme analysis and management application of 3D GIS. Here are some application cases:

Underground pipelines are an important part of urban infrastructure. That is designed for urban energy, material transportation and information transmission In Taiwan, there are two types of underground pipelines, one is a public facility pipeline and the other is an industrial pipeline. The public facilities pipeline includes eight kinds of power, oil, telecommunications, sewer, gas, water, water, and comprehensive pipelines, etc. When such a variety of pipelines are intertwined under the ground, it is necessary to rely on 3D GIS. Through the three-dimensional pipeline map, the authorities of each pipeline can grasp the staggered and adjacent relationships between different pipelines more quickly and clearly, while avoiding accidental pipelines damaging and working safety problems in underground pipeline construction.

Figure 1: establish the 3D platform

(Source: SHIN CHUNG Natural Gas Co., Ltd, Taichung City Government Information Open Platform)

SuperGeo’s experience and technology in the construction of underground pipeline 3D maps have matured. The basic set of satellite imagery, virtual reality, 3D display of urban buildings and 2D,3D simultaneous operation are powerful (Figure 1). Through the underground mode, you can take a glance at the world under the road, and all the winding lines around you are clear (Figure 2). Furthermore, 3D analysis tools for various pipeline applications, digging fill, underground section line, and pipe distance query are all available (Figure 3), and more powerful conflict analysis tools have yet to come!

Figure 2:the display and query function of 3D underground pipeline

Figure 3:3D underground pipeline application analysis function

(Source: SHIN CHUNG Natural Gas Co., Ltd, Taichung City Government Information Open Platform)


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