SuperGIS Desktop lets you use map tile with vector attribute!

With the rapid development of digitized data, the data will become more and more detailed in every country or research institution. That brings a big issue of data management and display, and the amount of data will become larger and larger. SuperGIS Desktop not only can support high-quality and efficient data editing, but also can support the production and presentation of map tiles. It can improve the efficiency of data use. The new version of SuperGIS Desktop has greatly improved the technology of map tile production. In the update tool of Cache Generator, it supports not only original map tile production with image format, but also vector tile.

Consider that many users still don’t have a clear understanding of vector tiles. Although vector tiles is a data style of map tile, it keeps content of vector data. Therefore, while displaying the map tile of vector tile, it can still retain the function of querying attribute data. In the usual, users use the original map tile more often. However, it needs more time to produce the map tiles with image format. The advantage also the limitation is that the symbol style and display settings of each layer data must be completed before production. The rest thing is to wait for the finish. After the production, you can get a set of image tiles that can be used directly, while vector tile is different. Because vector tile only retain the geometry detail of the vector data during production, the display platform will require additional command for the style to be presented. So that, the display style will meets the expectations of the user while use the vector tile. You might think why people still use the vector tile even it needs more skill to display. Its biggest advantage is that the production speed can be greatly improved. And, it break the main limitation of original map tile. So, it also provides another choice of tile services for users!

The whole new year is about to begin! This year, Supergeo has also greatly improved and optimized its products and services. Welcome everyone to download and try it. Don’t forget to share feedback with us. Let us make progress together!

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