SuperSurv and the subscribe service make you faster

With the upgrade of Information Security Specifications and Android operation system to version 11(API level 30), it sets more mechanism of getting the authority of folder data. Before the adjustment, when SuperSurv need to use the storage like create the new project or load the old project, it will shows error. In order to provide the service, Supergeo use the shortest time to repair this error. Also allow the user with Android 11 device to use SuperSurv as usual.

Supergeo also optimize the users’ experience. In the part of Online Map, it also make the best improvement. From the lots of users’ feedback, Online Map caused the efficiency issue before. Therefore, Online Map become the item of this optimization and release. In the next version, SuperSurv will support the geometry attribute fields. Let user record the related geometry of point, line and polygon.

With the development of technology, there are many useful skill are invented to solve problem. Supergeo plan to publish the subscribe service, so that it can server more user with more flexible service.


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