The Progress of Technology Brings The Upgrade Of SuperSurv

With the upgrade of the hardware system, the Android system has been upgraded to version 11, and many useful technologies have been released for users to use. In the development of GIS system, there is also a great progress in SuperSurv. In the past, the system version supported by SuperSurv was Android 5.0 or higher. However, with the advancement of technology and the enthusiastic feedback from users, SuperSurv also corresponds to the upgrade, the supported version after this update will start to support 7.0.

In addition to the changes of the supported system, users can also experience the effect of quickly getting authorization by the newest version! In the past, the authorization serial code requires users to input into mobile device. Now, after the upgrade, it allow to convert the serial code into QR code. Scan through the camera lens of the mobile device can directly import the authorization serial code into SuperSurv for use. Because the lots of new users in different fields, the traditional display of latitude and longitude coordinate is no longer sufficient to show the location information. The MGRS and UTM coordinate systems have also been added in SuperSurv, hoping to help more users with this need to obtain more precise location information. For users with huge data, the data format of MBTiles can help to provide the better performance of data loading. What’s more, when adding a layer, user can customize attribute field with azimuth. So that while collecting points, the current azimuth can also be collected.

When using a professional technical software, the biggest challenge is getting started. In order to avoid users who need it and don’t know how to use after installation, there are default demo projects in SuperSurv. In the demo projects, it accesses to the OpenStreepMap base map, so that users can quickly browse map and use it. It also provides an open source layer data for users to learn how to edit and view attributes table. No matter how you go this year, tomorrow is always the beginning of new hope. Let Supergeo accompany everyone by the continuous advancement of GIS technology, and let everyone complete field tasks quickly and easily!

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