SuperGIS Desktop is Getting More and More Powerful

Since the release of SuperGIS Desktop, it has been favored by everyone. The friendly operation interface and professional technical support service have always been the characteristics of SuperGeo. Now, in addition to providing quality services, instant technical support is also available. Today’s popular data format JSON can also be added to the SuperGIS Desktop toolkit immediately, so that users can use the function to convert the geographic vector data through the simple operation tool easily without restriction.

Today, SuperGeo also vigorously developed the support and production system of MBTiles in grid data. Through the internal tools of SuperGIS Desktop, it can quickly produce the brick data of MBTiles format step by step. Because Taiwan’s open materials are very circulated, there are many platforms that provide free open geographic information for the public, such as the Open Source of Government Information provided by the National Development Council( ) and the GIS-T Transportation Network Geographic Information Warehousing System provided by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications( It is a convenience service for people to choose the required maps. However, when the amount of data is large, it is very inconvenient to load the layer if it is carried out in a field survey with a mobile device. Therefore, using MBTiles is a good solution. The biggest advantage of MBTile is that it is a map image tile package format so that it can save network traffic while loading tiles, allowing field surveyors can have a basic base map even in the mountains, or offline situation. Undoubtedly, using the MBTiles format is already a very popular trend in the GIS field.

SuperGeo has a positive attitude to challenge various application formats and technology support, So users can get customized solutions through inquiries and wishes. SuperGeo is committed to enabling all users to use more convenient and advanced tools to complete the task.

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