Supergeo Expands Business in Splendid Brazil!

Brazil ABM Agrimensura Ltda and SuperGeo officially become partners!

ABM Agrimensura Ltda from Brazil operates a diverse range of businesses. Surveying is the focus of its services, mainly for commercial applications, national measures, and other solutions. Currently, ABM Agrimensura Ltda’s business scope covers cadastral surveying, mapping, agriculture and forestry mining operations, and transportation. ABM Agrimensura Ltda invests a lot of effort in land tax and cadastre application projects. Since 2001, Brazil is going through a big revolution with the systematization with the rural land registry, and integrate data with GIS for public management. Therefore, to have the best technology to achieve its goals, the public and private sectors are asking higher requirements for GIS technology. Under this background, SuperGeo’s products enter the Brazilian market through cooperation with ABM Agrimensura Ltda!

In the future, SuperGeo will use its rich technology and implementation experience to communicate and learn with ABM Agrimensura Ltda, deepen the development of overseas space mapping technology, and provide geographical information solutions that are more innovative, more advanced and more in line with customer needs!


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