Supergeo Once Again Experienced the on-site Visiting and Exotic “Thai” Style

In order to promote excellent GIS technology to the required, and to support the New Southbound Policy from Taiwanese government, this June, Supergeo once again visited our partners in Thailand since two years ago. Royal Irrigation Department (RID) of Thailand manages all the related works in agriculture and water irrigation in Thailand, which indirectly influence the agricultural productivities and economics. In Thailand, some areas suffer difficulties and confusions while managing crop fields due to the lack of GIS technology. Being a professional GIS company, Supergeo possesses own-developed GIS technology, in additional consists of experienced product R&D personnel and marketing staffs. Seeing this kind of situation, we hold a workshop to discuss and coordinate, and share the well-designed operation procedure to the staff of farmland and water irrigation department, also assist them to install software through educational courses.

Through the assistance in applications and solutions of different field surveying software, the attendances were all enthusiastic to ask and learn various GIS surveying technology. This time, Supergeo introduced the solution to manage data synchronously between field surveys and backend managers, which is good news to the country with large crop area such as Thailand. Through this solution, the staff of farmland and water irrigation department can better control the planting progress of farmers, also quickly check the harvest situation in the field.

Apart from customizes GIS product according to user’s requirements, Supergeo put more efforts to design a win-win sales plan. Building cooperation between the geospatial technology industry and hardware supplying company to create a tailored GIS integration solution that is more in line with the needs of various professional fields.

To know further information about the customization and sales plan of SuperGIS, please contact Supergeo .


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