SuperGIS climbs up the Himalayas? The new and powerful reseller in Nepal

SEED(Synergy Engineering & Environmental Development) becomes the exclusive SuperGIS products reseller in Nepal. By offering praiseworthy SuperGIS products in, SEED will play a crucial role in expanding sales territory in Nepal for Supergeo.

SEED is a business diversified engineering company. The service they offer includes land utilization, mapping, agriculture and forestry management, urban planning, scenery management, environmental resources management, social welfare,  urban and rural development…etc. The application of GIS software is pretty extensive in developing countries like Nepal. For example, lots of building or commercial development project require assistance from powerful GIS software, so do other industries like agriculture, fishery and forestry. In addition, as located on the joint of seismic zone, both public and private sectors have a strong demand for after-earthquake reconstruction. Therefore, the background and economic situation above are the reasons that lead to the collaboration between Supergeo and SEED.

In the years to come, a large number of SuperGIS products are expected to be applied by Nepal government to data and property management. Meanwhile, the credence that academia gives to Supergeo is also what we try to earn. Supergeo hopes that our user-friendly GIS products can be promoted by users from a variety of field.  

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