Long time no see! iOS has upgraded to SuperSurv 10!

In the Android system, SuperSurv is an excellent mobile GIS software. It can help users quickly and conveniently collect high-precision 3D data. Additionally, it can also reduce time cost, human resources cost, and the inconvenience just because of paper copying. With the rapid development of information technology and to provide the best service quality, Supergeo is constantly dedicated to updating our products so that users can enjoy the latest GIS technology.

After many revisions, SuperSurv has been successfully upgraded from the original 3 series to the 10 series, and this year, the new version 10.2 has been released. SuperSurv 10.2 re-adjusts the interface to make users have more operation space and simpler tool storage. Besides, it also enhances many details in the function, such as supporting the MBTiles format and adding QZSS galaxies to improve the accuracy of positioning. These items were originally intended for Android users. While more and more iOS users responded it, Supergeo decided to gradually upgrade the iOS version to the same version as the Android version. Currently, SuperSurv iOS has adjusted overall and upgraded to 10 series. Also, the latest iOS version already passed the test. This week, SuperSurv iOS updated in the Apple Store, which means that iOS users can download the latest version now.

With the latest GIS technology, trendy features, and layouts, SuperSurv 10 enables iOS users to experience a new operation. Additionally, Supergeo will continuously update the technical support and specifications to ensure that users can follow the latest techs and functions. Welcome iOS users to experience SuperSurv 10. Please feel free to share your ideas if you have any suggestions.

E-mail: staff@supergeo.com.tw

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