Supergeo is coming to Eastern Europe! Announcing new partnership with Kosovo’s Geo & Land!

Supergeo has successfully expanded in international markets for many years and has provided our clients with matured and advanced GIS technology and services.

Now, Supergeo would like to announce another exclusive reseller in our global markets. Please welcome Geo & Land to become our partner for selling SuperGIS product in Kosovo!

Geo & Land is regarded as one of the largest companies in South-east Europe who specialized in GIS disciplines. Their major business including GIS, land administration, cadaster, agriculture and software developments. Geo & Land provides clients with innovative, dedicated and reliable services. It is also considered as a leader in GIS and land administration in Kosovo, which it has implemented several major projects for Kosovo governments. In addition, Geo & Land signed the partnership agreement with European leading aerospace corporation AIRBUS, to promote and use products of AIRBUS, such as Agriculture Satellite Monitoring Services and OneAtlas to obtain aerial optical imagery and radar data. In response to rising demand of GIS products in Kosovo, Geo & Land has purchased SuperGIS Desktop products, and it is estimated to be used in mapping and resource managements, etc.

SuperGIS Desktop has multi-analytical tools which enables clients to integrate and analyze data more effectively, as well as presents maps of geographic distributions with different perspectives, such as hot-zone maps, domain analysis, temporal and spatial variation map and 3D image. In addition, by applying SuperGIS Server, it allows clients to share large amounts of data, images and geo-processes via Internet to improve better decision-making and efficiency!

It can be expected that with the partnership with Geo & Land, SuperGIS product will be widely applied in Kosovo and other Eastern European countries for various aspects, can will continue to provide our clients with the greatest technologies and GIS solutions!

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