Great news ! Supergeo has been listed in 2020 2nd quarter global GIS industry report!

Supergeo is the first Taiwanese company to self-develop GIS software, primarily provides GIS products to governments and industries, etc. Supergeo has dedicated to developing overseas markets in recent years, such as in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

In May 2020, a latest report on service market analysis and estimation published by Global Cloud-Based Mapping Service Market, has analysed global GIS companies that have steady development under this influence of COVID-19 pandemic. This report has done comprehensive analysis on those companies through: 1) Market opportunities and challenges 2) Company developments 3) List of Resellers/ Buyer 4) Recent product developments 5) Company strategies. It has listed those potential GIS Top companies in below:


Supergeo Technologies


Avenza Systems

Espatial Solutions


Pitney Bowes

Mason Bruce & Girard


Rosmiman Software

Easy Trace Group






This report was conducted by Advance Market Analytics (Global market analytics leader), by experts assessing the trends and dynamics of enterprises in various industries. Their reports are considered authoritative and insightful.

It is an honour for Supergeo Technologies to be listed year in this report as one of the most influential GIS companies in the world. We sincerely thank you for your supports and encouragements! We look forward to providing our clients for more advance GIS products and better services in the future!


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