The international epidemic gradually improves ! Supergeo keeps strengthening South-Asian market !

Supergeo Technologies is a self-innovated and independent sales company who specializes in Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and Global Positioning System (GPS), it provides governments and corporations with professional consulting and solution. Supergeo actively promotes the sales of GIS products internationally and is determined to become the leading GIS solution company in Asia.

Since last year SuperGIS product has successfully entered Indonesian markets, Supergeo continues to strengthen Indonesian markets. PT General Technology Indonesia (GETINDO) as one Supergeo long-term reseller and an important ally in Indonesia, GETINDO has largely purchased SuperGIS Desktop product and designated to apply in Indonesia national surveying and mappings.

SuperGIS Desktop 10 is a Desktop GIS (Geographic Information System, GIS) product in SuperGIS series, providing editing, storing, checking, integrating, geoprocessing, analysis, and displaying functions spatial data and the related information. In addition, it can help you deal with various types of map and data formats, including vector maps and raster images. Maps are overlaid by different layers, while each layer only contains one type of features. Users are capable to analyze and process based on the relationship between spatial distributions. Furthermore, users can apply products to government units as township planning, public facilities management, environment, resource management, engineering, etc.

With fast developments in Indonesian markets, the demands for GIS products has increased significantly. As the partnership with GetIndo, SuperGIS Desktop product could be largely applied in various fields, such as agriculture, forestry, transportation, logistics, sightseeing, disaster prevention and environmental protection, etc. Supergeo will also continue to provide our clients with the most advanced GIS technology as well as comprehensive solutions and consulting services!

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