Another Successful Case! The Best Combination Between SuperSurv And Hi-Target Qmini A10

The bundle and cooperation between software and hardware always brings win-win opportunities and situations for both sides. Supergeo has been committed to adjust various adaptation and compatibility tests by handheld device from international hardware company. Make sure that users have a data for reference while selecting mapping tools. The beginners who are not familiar with it can also choose from the suggestion list of hardware recommended by Supergeo.

During the test process, it will strictly test whether each function can be operated smoothly on the hardware device. We will eliminate the bad presentation of interface in all situations that are not convenient for the user. And, keep the user experience in the most perfect status. After this cooperation and testing, the famous function like GNSS system and track recording in SuperSurv can be perfectly operated in Hi-Target Qmini A10. Welcome the users of Hi-Target Qmini A10 to Supergeo website to experience the perfect match with SuperSurv, and making field surveys much easier!


With the rise of the subscription trend, Supergeo has begun to develop the subscription service system. First, it will provide subscription services on the Google Play Store platform. All of you are well invited to experience and, please, enjoy it. Please share this news to everyone! After use, feel free to share your feedback, and give us the chance to make our products and services better!

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