【A Smart City in Taichung — Hearing AED】

Last month, Lu Shiow-yen, who is the Mayor of Taichung in Taiwan, had a presentation to talk about the importance of Hearing AED. So let’s talk about this useful device and application today.

In Taichung, while automated external defibrillators are placed😎, more than 1,100 patients who should have received AED help are not saved😥.

However, although the government asked Supergeo to design an application to solve this problem🥰, and people have downloaded Hearing AED on their phones😙, people are not able to help people in an emergency😐. That is because people never find an accurate location if people of nearby AED devices🙄.

🎈How to solve this problem
When people who receive the notice are more likely to come to help people in an emergency😍, they will hear the noises and see the flashlights from the AED🤗. Therefore, people can find the precise location of the AED based on particular sounds and visual effects😀. Therefore, people can bring the AED device to the accident location for rescuing☺.

In Taichung, there are more than 1100 automated external defibrillators are placed, such as Taichung City Council, Transportation Bureau Taichung City Government, and so on. People can easily find the location of the automated external defibrillator.

🎈Future and our vision
We hope that everyone will download Hearing AED on his or her phone😊. If there are some accidents near your place😥, you will receive the message and come to the location for help🤩, rather than ignoring any messages.

Source: https://www.hear-aed.com.tw/GISAED/Supergeo_AED


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