Harvesting with the latest technology! The whole new generation of agriculture has arrived

Supergeo met with the general manager of Magellan Systems Japan, Inc. (MSJ) – Mr.Nobuhiro Kishimoto from Osaka, Japan this month. During the meeting, both Supergeo and MSJ hold a positive attitude toward the collaboration between each other in the future. MSJ is impressed by the rapid development of GIS technology in Taiwan, especially for the application in the field of smart agriculture. For the farmers who own a huge acre of farmland, precision farming tool is able to improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of farming by simplifying the processes which are quite exhausting originally such as sowing, fertilizing, deworming and harvesting. As Smart Agriculture and Precision Agriculture are very much in the ascendant now, Supergeo and MSJ hope to integrate software and hardware technology to help addressing the issue of aging population in rural area and increase the overall agriculture value in Taiwan, Japan and Southeast Asia by setting up the cutting-edge agricultural knowledge inheritance and safety system.

There are several developing countries whose agriculture industries are still in the start-up stage. La Coop Federee – the company from Canada believes that the dedication into user-friendly solutions which are useful for producers is the key factor to keep Precise Agriculture in steady growth. The advantage of Precise Agriculture can be maximized only under the circumstances which producer is able to manage all the data collected.

Supergeo and MSJ create a new solution to utterly change the way of planting from preparation, fertilizing to harvesting. Utilizing autonomous cars, automatic machine technology and monitoring app in combination with satellite image and agriculture data, producers are able to improve the dense and health of crop significantly. What’s more, digital farming is capable of providing coordinate and plant-time recordings up to centimeter-level. Every piece of land connects different kinds of crop and owner information. With this information, farmers can establish a fertilization plan with no effort.

Some of the main large-area producers from Southeast Asia have been interested in introducing the smart plant solution since this new service has been launched this year. According to internal investigation, at least 45% of the producers who utilize precise agriculture tool offer positive feedback. In the future, Supergeo and MSJ will keep dedicating to offer every part of service on agriculture value chain in order to maximize the interest of farmers by improving their produce quality and competitiveness. Always feel free to contact us if you have any brilliant idea about precise and smart agriculture products(staff@supergeo.com.tw)!


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