A whole new step for Supergeo. Autumn League join as the exclusive reseller in Slovenská!

Supergeo is delighted to announce that Autumn League will join Supergeo’s global distribution network as the exclusive reseller in Slovenská. By having the privilege to sell a series of powerful SuperGIS products, Autumn League will make a great contribution to Supergeo in developing new market in central Europe.

As a professional system-integrated consultancy company, Autumn League focuses on businesses such as information security, facility management, strategic decision making and technology integrated service. Apart from that, it’s extremely experienced in mapping and measurement service as well. Although for its extensive range of business, all of Autumn League’s services are based on GIS module, which leads to its collaboration with Supergeo.

In addition, as the founder of the first business GIS conference(GISpro) which aim to explore and share the applications of geographic information system from private and public sectors in Slovenská, Autumn League’s authoritative status in GISpro can maximize the exposure of SuperGIS products in the market of central Europe. As far as the countries which experienced rapid economic growth in central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovenská, Austria and Hungry) are concerned, it’s their top priority to have fully-functional GIS software for better asset management and strategic decision making. SuperGIS products have complete GIS features such as integrating service which are not only between mobile and desktop version but also hardware and software. With reasonable prices and rapid technical support, these advantages make SuperGIS products a competitive choice for various users. By partnering with Autumn League, Supergeo believes its powerful, versatile, and affordable GIS software packages and geospatial solutions can be well implemented and help the people in central Europe.

Besides Autumn League, Supergeo welcomes more active and ambitious companies from all over the world to join our network. Please feel free to contact us for more information about Supergeo’s flexible reseller programs via staff@supergeo.com.tw.

For users coming from Slovenská, please contact Autumn League for SuperGIS Software. https://www.autumnleague.sk



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