“Sa-wa-di-kap”~ SuperSurv 10.1 Becomes More International with Newly Included Thai Language!

As geospatial technology develops rapidly around the world, Supergeo also devotes much effort to sharing its own products with users worldwide, aiming to promote the application of advanced technologies combining GIS and GNSS techniques and to provide smarter solutions for spatial problems. To achieve this vision, Supergeo endeavors to provide GIS products with a variety of languages. Take SuperSurv for example, there are Traditional/Simplified Chinese, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, and Lithuanian for users to apply in their interfaces.

By the end of 2018, SuperSurv10.1 took the translation package from our Thai partners as a reference and included the Thai language in our latest version. From now on, if you want to experience the operation interface in Thai or other languages, all you need to do is go to the setting page, change the language and restart SuperSurv! Supergeo has also updated and improved other features according to users’ feedback, hoping to offer better user experience and more complete services.

The self-developed SuperSurv 10.1 series are highly praised and appreciated by users with intuitive function design, and regularly improved interfaces. To provide better after-sales services, Supergeo keeps updating tutorial videos on our YouTube channel and online manuals of all products on our official website. Users are allowed to browse any of them to solve the problems they’ve encountered when operating our software. If you still have other sticky problems that are too difficult to tackle by yourself, please mail us! Our technicians are always willing to help you out. In addition, Supergeo sincerely invites you to attend our online webinars (held on an irregular basis) so that we can have a deeper discussion about any collaboration opportunities in the future!

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