Supergeo wins the confidence of Kuwait Government!

Another good news from Supergeo’s foreign selling network! With the assistance of our powerful partner – IIES located in Kuwait, the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources which is affiliated to Kuwait government will use SuperGIS Desktop and SuperPad to help improving the quality and efficiency of fishery and agriculture field survey. What’s more, Kuwait spared no effort in developing sustainable agriculture and fishery over the years, which can be achieved by the digitalization of map and data management offered by Supergeo products. Also, as being in an era which mobile gadgets flourish, the affair will adopt SuperPad in conjunction with other professional measurement equipment as the platform to execute field survey, which makes it possible for users to operate GIS right after getting the data they need.

As one of the largest exporting countries of petroleum in the world, Kuwait put a huge amount of effort to improve the growth of domestic agriculture and fishery in order to decline their reliance on petroleum exports. With the improvement of irrigation technology, the output value of agriculture has grown year after year despite the tropical desert climate. With its adjacency with Persian Gulf, Kuwait has advantage over its neighbors by having rich resources of fishery. As a result, the affair hopes to improve the efficiency of management  and achieve sustainable agriculture and fishery via building complete data with advanced geospatial technology.

Actually, the relationship between Kuwait and Supergeo has been established several years ago.  In 2011, the president of Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research has visited several successful information service company including Supergeo in Taiwan in order to set a model for the first science park in Kuwait. Since then, Supergeo got attention from Kuwait government and thus indirectly contribute to the deal we make today.
There are several reasons that you should adopt SuperPad as your mobile GIS software. First, SuperPad supports Windows and Windows Mobile OS. That is, both tablet computers and handheld PCs can install this powerful mobile GIS software. Second, SuperPad provides various GIS functions in the field, including displaying vector & raster data, editing, and adding multiple records with related tables effortlessly. What’s more, you can easily combine Google Drive and Dropbox together. By uploading data freely and managing them as layers, it is much easier to cruise a broad area and collect all the data you need without interruption.

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