New Update of SuperSurv 10.1 Shows Potential for Highly Efficient Fieldwork!

SuperSurv 10.1 has been on the market for 7 months since its first release in November 2017. Soon after it was launched, lots of customers from a variety of fields have expressed their interest in SuperSurv 10.1, proving its popularity and outstanding application potential of different types of fieldwork. For GIS features, new SuperSurv 10.1 further includes many tools that allow users to operate it in a more intuitive way. That may not seem like a big deal for normal users, but for field workers, it would definitely be the great help to simplify the operation procedure and improve the overall working efficiency.

One of the new updates in SuperSurv 10.1 is the search feature for coordinate systems. Users can find the spatial reference they want by entering the EPSG (European Petroleum Survey Group) code or just the name of the coordinate system. For layer management, previously, users were asked to move their data to the project file so that SuperSurv could read the data. However, many users find it very inconvenient and not intuitive. Therefore, we add a new feature that enables users to import layers. Now, there’s no need for users to move the data from different files as they can directly edit the data in the layer. In addition, some users often need to import a huge amount of waypoint data into the system while conducting a field survey. They are quite concerned about the data missing issues during the import process. To solve this problem, a new column for encoding is included in the waypoint management page. When each waypoint data is assigned a code number, the amount of data successfully imported will appear clearly on the screen.

The updated version of SuperSurv 10.1 will pave the way for the future release of SuperSurv 10.5. So far, we have finished optimization of many GIS features and will focus on the next point—layout design improvement. This update mainly targets small problems from user’s feedbacks. Though few minor adjustments were made to SuperSurv 10.1, they manifest Supergeo’s attitude toward customers’ comments and our pursuit of high quality in every single detail. Through these efforts, we hope SuperSurv 10.1 will help more surveying teams obtain high-quality and high-accuracy data in an efficient manner.

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