Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration offers a mobile tour guide app in Shueili Che-Cheng

Recently, the concept of “smart city” has been on the rise globally, with its peripheral products and applications becoming new favorites on the market. Supergeo is pleased that Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration also catches up this trend, collaborating with Supergeo to develop a mobile tour guide app in Shueili Che-Cheng, which is a fast and easy tool for tourists to follow the tourist attractions and get more information about this place.

Che-Cheng, the terminal station of Jiji Railway, was a once prosperous transit center where many trains were coming and going to load and unload wood lumbers and cane sugar every day. After the 921 earthquake, the officials of Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration has put lots of efforts on the reconstruction of Che-Cheng, and it finally comes back to life with various tourism industries like railway, electricity, woods, winery springing up in the past few years. Surrounded by the beautiful lakes and hills, Che-Cheng has become increasingly attractive and popular among tourists and a wonderful “secret garden” to get away from the city bustle. As the number of tourists increasing rapidly in Che-Cheng these days, applying advanced technology to improve the quality of travel services undoubtedly becomes the most important thing to do.

Supergeo’s product team is composed of a group of experienced product developers and marketing executives. They are good at developing the customized app that targets towards the special needs of customers. In this case, Supergeo has built up the mobile tour guide app in Shueili Che-Cheng by itself. By using this app, visitors are not only allowed to search for scenic spots and famous stores in Che-Cheng, they are also able to use AR that makes more interaction possible and Bluetooth beacons for indoor navigation, which are very new and creative ways to have fun in Che-Cheng. In addition, Supergeo also developed the administration system for Che-Cheng area. The supervisors can grasp the current status of the area anytime through the Dashboard interface, and collect the feedback data from APP users to better the service quality. Now, in the era of “smart city”, Supergeo will be the most trustworthy partner that provides you the best solution for a smart living!

Download the tour guide app in Shueili Che-Cheng right away and give it a try!




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