The Pipeline Company in Thailand Applies SuperSurv to Improve the Efficiency of Inspection and Management

Hollywood International Ltd., the largest local consulting firm of Surveying and Mapping in Thailand, is also the best business partner of Supergeo. Recently, Hollywood has successfully promoted SuperSurv in a local private pipeline company. The company has long been finding a smart tool to manage its pipelines and keep the inspection records efficiently and effectively. And SuperSurv turns out to be the best choice in this case, which can help the firm collect accurate data immediately through the standard operation procedures in apps. Hollywood International Ltd. is a local company specializing in contracting to various types of surveying engineering, selling high-precision measurement equipment, as well as developing complete spatial solutions taking all software, hardware, and database into account.

The pattern of collaboration between Supergeo and Hollywood proves to be very successful in this exciting marketing news from Thailand. The experienced product developers and salespersons of Supergeo are capable of developing custom GIS products that meet the special needs of Supergeo’s users. In the future, Supergeo will continue its efforts by planning more visits to our partners’ sites as we believe there is still a lot of potential business out there. By doing this, Supergeo hopes to help them succeed in more bids, boost their sales performance, and create a more positive brand image for SuperGIS. If you want to know more about SuperGIS’s custom and bundled solutions, please feel free to contact us (!


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