Geodezija 3D in Lithuania took SuperSurv as the Best Helper for Forest Survey

Supergeo is pleased to announce its good marketing news from Lithuania that Geodezija 3D has adopted Supersurv in high-precision, powerful Hi-Target QpadX5 to increase its efficiency of field data collection. Geodezija 3D is a land surveying firm specializing both in geodata surveying and in consulting services in forestry and environmental issues, for example, precise measurement, satellite positioning and mapping, forest management, and environmental impact assessment. As Geodezija 3D provides services for clients from the public to private sectors, most of their services will require a great number of field surveys. Hence, finding a stable, reliable, and multi-functional GIS surveying software becomes a crucial factor for Geodezija 3D in the success of its business.

SuperSurv, self-developed by Supergeo, shows an outstanding integration of advanced GIS and GNSS technology. It not only assists users to display and edit spatial data without an internet connection, but is also capable of collecting high-precision positioning data using DGPS and NTRIP techniques. On the other hand, in the latest version of SuperSurv, you are still allowed to upload your data to Cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox in real time. By conforming to the WFS-T standard, SuperSurv further improves the overall working efficiency since the surveying team often need to transfer data from one to another. In the next update of SuperSurv, Supergeo’s product team will continue its efforts to better the operation procedure of data collection as well as to provide a clearer UI and other features related to precise measurement, aiming to offer all field surveyors a better user experience. Other detailed information will soon be updated on Supergeo’s News. Stay tuned!

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