Build Supergeo Website in Your Language with Its New Structure

Following the release of a new global website last November, Supergeo’s product team has spared no efforts to make the new Chinese website online for worldwide Chinese users just before the lunar year of dog. No matter you’re a user proficient in English or Chinese, a better website browsing experience is guaranteed from now!

Aiming to provide users a more unified corporate image, Supergeo’s new Chinese website has adopted the same template and system as the global (English) one. Although the layout design might be a little bit different due to the services and products provided, users still can find design becomes more modern while the overall performance is also enhanced. Another than that, the domain name and the hosting service are integrated so that, in the future, website in other languages can follow related rules and be fast built up.

To further support the resellers and strategic partners promoting business, Supergeo is also keen to share not only the tips and tricks for building a similar website but also the key materials to finish it. It is estimated that a new website in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, etc. can be established in 3 to 5 months under the assist of Supergeo.

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Supergeo’s Global and Chinese official website:


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