Zero-Coding Web GIS Designer – SuperGIS Web Mapper Update

Supergeo Technologies Inc. is excited to announce the latest news about its brand-new web GIS builder, SuperGIS Web Mapper. The web GIS builder has been included in the freshly launched SuperGIS Server 10 since the beginning of 2018.

SuperGIS Web Mapper is developed to simplify the process of layout design with zero coding manipulation. Inheriting the excellent features like easy-to-use user interface, and no limitation on data size and number of accessors from SuperGIS Server 3, the brand-new 10 series also enhance its performance and workflow to decrease developers’ burdens.

In the previous version of SuperGIS Web Mapper, web administrators can simply switch on or off to determine if visitors have access to each tool, like Identify, Index Map, Query, Measure, Print, Draw Tool, Basemap, etc. In the next update, users will have more advanced tools for the front-end users. For example, people can use the swipe for comparison between two layers, adjust the opacity, or open the attribute table to explore the hidden spatial patterns.

This second version of SuperGIS Web Mapper will be released at the beginning of Q2 to further improve the user experience. Please feel free to check the following demo video or write to for a full-function free trial.

The Web Mapper demo video on Supergeo TV:


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