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It is a great honor to announce that the 1968 APP, which launched on the new version of the Freeway Bureau, selected the Supergeo GIS Server core engine and Map API. There are five highlights:

  • (1) With GIS technology, it integrates various road conditions information on a single page. Furthermore, it is also the most used national road integration service system in Taiwan, which can carry one million views per day.
  • (2) The appropriate subscription service will develop more information, including accident, construction, export closure, road shoulder opening, scattered objects, etc.
  • (3) Customize the Web Map API for the special traffic control system of the highway, and provide more than 50 system standards and specifications for the bureau.
  • (4) The base map service adopted the image and vector tile technology, which is consistent with global GIS manufacturers.
  • (5) Design a proprietary theme basemap style and instantly map road information.


  • (1) Instant road conditions: provide real-time road maps of all highways, integrating real-time images, CMS information, road condition events, export congestion, etc.
  • (2) Provide real-time traffic tracking mode: you can use the mode to realize the real-time traffic conditions and receive the information voice service according to the location where you are.
  • (3) Smart travel planning: you can set the start and end points to look up the shortest path and the shortest travel time. Besides, you can also look up the travel time forecast within the next 100 days, pre-arranging the trip to avoid the jam.
  • (4) Alternative road selection: when the jam happens, it will provide an alternative road for you to avoid it.
  • (5) Provide real-time information: you can realize the highway news and know whether there are any spaces in the service area parking, so that you can drive more comfortably.
  • (6) Subscription service: you can subscribe for specific road sections and specific time. After finishing it, you will receive relevant travel time prediction result notifications.

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