The new southbound policy: strengthen the cross-border integration of southern allies

In support of the government’s new southbound policy and assisting dealers to expand their business, Supergeo visited a lot of southbound market in June. The special team which consists of Supergeo’s product manager and senior product executive visited our partner Hollywood International ltd actively. We also held Mobile GIS training courses and promoted SuperGIS customization solutions. Hollywood International ltd. is one of the largest surveying and mapping consultants in Thailand. Of course, it is an important and long-term reseller of Supergeo in Southeast Asia. In addition to undertaking all kinds of surveying engineering and selling high-precision surveying equipment, Hollywood also provides software and data. Its goal is that support the public and the private in Thailand to establish a complete spatial information solution.

Supergeo’s team consists of product developers and designers, so we can precisely develop relative GIS products on demand. This year, Supergeo will make great effort to develop spatial information technology and solutions which sells with hardware, including many micro customized product and suggestion for user interface optimization. The product team designs more suitable solutions for every profession fields in person.

The visit to the southbound markets got an abounding achievement. However, we also realize that there are many business opportunities for spatial information technology in various countries. In the future, Supergeo will continue to visit overseas distributors and partners. We are looking forward that we can win overseas software procurements and national tenders to expand the brand of SuperGIS.

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