SuperGIS Server 10.1 is released! Implement 2D / 3D GIS map platform!

Under the trend of the development and promotion of smart cities all over the world, using 3D technology to display the spatial situations, which helps to bring a more realistic feel to the users, is considered to be one of the focusing targets on the future GIS development. Are you still thinking about whether displaying information on the 2D map platform or directly building a 3D GIS scene platform to integrate all the collected 3D elevation and stereo data to catch up on the current trend?

Why not try SuperGIS Server 10.1 now?

In this year, Supergeo dedicated to reform and integrate 2D and 3D server software: SuperGIS Server and SuperGIS 3D Server this year. Combing 2D and 3D service publishing, service management, and web app builder together, an updated software: SuperGIS Server 10.1 was newly released, and the free trial beta version was already published on our official website!

SuperGIS Server 10.1 not only makes the 2D and 3D services publishing and management more convenient but also enables users to arbitrarily combine various GIS services to customize their 2D map or 3D scene platform with SuperGIS Web Mapper which helps you manage your web application more systematically.

Do you want to build a 3D scene map directly? SuperGIS Server 10.1 can completely meet your needs!

Are you still thinking of proceed step by step, establishing a 2D map platform at first and then developing 3D GIS applications? With SuperGIS Server 10.1, you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning a new 3D GIS server software now, and reuse the 2D map services you published 2D maps so that you can upgrade your GIS platform at the minimal cost! Moreover, you can even combine your 2D and 3D maps together to achieve a dual view and a synchronized map display!

If you are interested in this, apply for the trial without any hesitating!

We believe that our technology supports and customized solutions wouldn’t make you disappointed. Meanwhile, SuperGIS Server 10.1 also needs feedback from the vast number of users. Let’s improve and grow together on the road of GIS developments!


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