Deep Cultivated in Italy ! Supergeo delivered brilliant sales performance !

As the significant impact of COVID-19 in around the world, Supergeo has continued receive brilliant sale performance in this adversity. Recently, the Italian IT service company A.S.I has purchased our SuperSurv product!

A.S.I (Archmede System Informatics) was founded in 1996 as an IT service company specialized in the Internet sector and in the assistance sector for small and medium-sized companies with particular attention to staff training and the solution of particularly complex hardware and software problems. A.S.I is regarded as the most renowned IT service company in the entire Abruzzo region. For this time A.S.I purchase SuperSurv product, it is estimated to be applied in local high school education for mobile survey purposes.

SuperSurv product is specialized designed for our clients with more accurate measurement and instant surveying. It features the most advanced GPS and GIS technologies that helps our clients with various functions, including collecting spatial records, editing and recording data, visualizing the GPS location and satellite information, etc. Furthermore, uses can also update huge amounts of vector and raster data to cloud drive even in those places with poor signal connections, as well as data processing which allows clients to obtain more relevant information and enhance the decision quality and improve working efficiency!

With this cooperation with A.S.I, SuperSurv product is estimated to expand the uses in Italy and allows more local people to understand the utility of GIS product. Supergeo will keep providing our clients with the most advanced GIS products, as well as more comprehensive services.

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