Need the best tool for field survey? Try Mobile smart GIS app!

GIS is no longer limited to a simple geographic information system. As usual, it can handle vector data and raster data. However, today’s GIS can assist the analysis in various fields of application. Starting from the initial, human carved stones to record the relative positions for collection of data in real life. Until the paper shows up, stone-carving turn to map. With the maturity of advanced survey technology, the relative position is also converted into an absolute position. All above are connected with GIS. Meanwhile, it also represent GIS tools have advantages and disadvantages in different periods. In order to fix the lack of paper records, and face to the evolution of technology, Supergeo has developed the mobile GIS app. It can install in the mobile device and provide users with an excellent operating experience. Even the beginner can learn the GIS function immediately!

This update, as usual, optimizes the performance of the operation. Don’t forget to try the fully supported MBTiles format, especially this version can load the display of multiple tiles at the same time. If you have need for using map tiles, you should not miss this new experience! SuperSurv is a smart mobile GIS app. Only you need is the serial code to activate it in the first time. After you get the license succefully, then you can use it offline anywhere. This is designed for the convenience. The majority of hard-working surveyors sometimes don’t have a good internet connection in the environment where they work. If there is an app that can support offline tiles and offline use, we believe that field survey will be easier than ever!

Once the function development is completed or new news is released, it will be displayed on all online platforms of Supergeo. Please pay close attention to the latest news of Supergeo!

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