Local GIS tech from Supergeo jumped to the international stage

This year is Taiwan’s GIS overseas harvest year. Supergeo is the first software developer to independently develop a GIS core engine in Taiwan. Its main business is to provide professional geographic information system (GIS) software products, platforms and technology development services to government and enterprise users. Furthermore, it also successfully expand to overseas markets. In addition to its high impact on the dynamics of the market, its products are also in line with market trends and can provide suitable solutions for the user environment.

In May, Cloud-Based Mapping Service market announced the latest issue of service market analysis and forecast report. In addition to analyzing its own companies, it also collects various market information and finds forward-looking companies with potential cooperation opportunities in the future. The Major player cloud platform service enterprise surveyed includes:

Avenza Systems
Espatial Solutions
Pitney Bowes
Rosmiman Software
Mason Bruce & Girard
Easy Trace Group
Supergeo Technologies (Taiwan)

Request Methodology of this report @ https://decisionmarketreports.com/request-methodolgy…

It’s an honor that Supergeo becomes the most important promoter of Taiwan’s GIS technology, and is one of the major influence companies in the national cloud platform. This market forecast considers a number of important factors such as market size, product development, operating income, users, and sales prices, and finally aggregates them into a critical report.

The Cloud-Based Mapping Service market is a report of GIS-related information market analysis conducted by Advance Market Analytics. Advance Market Analytics is a leader in global market research companies. Relevant experts will track market growth and conduct detailed statistics and in-depth analysis of market trends and dynamics. Their analysis reports are often considered to be authoritative and insightful. In this report, it will consider the outlook of the ICT information services market industry and the types of services, platforms, end uses, geographical differences, and supplier analysis to assess the impact of companies that primarily affect the global market.

At the same time, another internationally renowned Garner Insights market intelligence consultancy also published an article.

“Global Mobile Gis Industry Market Research Report”

The report shows that Supergeo has entered the current world mobile GIS market leader.

➡Rockwell Spatial 
➡GIS Cloud 
➡Supergeo Technologies

This report contains the output value and growth rate of the global mobile GIS market in different regions of the world in the past five years. It also analyzes the current market conditions, applications and trends forecast for the next five years. This honor is also attributed to the loyal customers who support us. Thank you for your love and spurs as a partner, so that Supergeo can continue to make progress and be sure!

In the future, we will work together with our customers to provide better product technology and services.


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