SuperSurv to be Adopted by Ministry of Forestry of BPKH Tanjung Pinang in Indonesia for Field Survey

Supergeo has made a remarkable achievement again in its southbound business in Indonesia! Our loyal partner— GPS Lands Indosolutions has put in considerable efforts to make the Ministry of Forestry in Riau Island adopt SuperSurv, one of the most powerful mobile GIS software powered by Android. Also, the professional handheld device—Trimble TDC 100 is integrated into Supersurv in this case, which would help the fieldworkers conduct regular forest surveys and manage natural resources more efficiently and effectively.

Indonesia is an island country with a vast territory of 2 million square kilometers. There are tens of thousands of islands in this country, more than half of which is covered by tropical rainforests with unique biodiversity. Since the rapid economic growth in Indonesia, the issue of “deforestation” has become increasingly severe. Therefore, there is a growing awareness of natural resource conservation as well as sustainable forest management among citizens and the government recently. In response to this trend, the Ministry of Forestry of Riau Island decides to equip the forest rangers with advanced geospatial devices. By doing so, the field workers will be able to establish a complete forest resource data and to utilize the data for better conservation policies.

Self-developed by Supergeo, SuperSurv is one of the most fully-functional GIS software for Android system. In addition to the basic GIS features such as creating, editing, and analyzing spatial data, SuperSurv also supports a lot of OGC standards and open web services, which allows users to produce OGC-compliant basemaps and to upload and download data through Google Drive or Dropbox. What’s more, there are many powerful surveying tools, including fast and high-precision positioning and detailed NMEA recording, all of which make SuperSurv an easy-to-use software for forest rangers. With the help of Supersurv, just like tigers with wings, they can complete their fieldwork more quickly and smartly.

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