Experience Amazing Custom Services in the Latest SuperGIS Desktop 10

As the only Taiwanese brand that develops its own GIS software, Supergeo has been committed itself to provide advanced GIS features and technology with the best quality. Supergeo also boasts its perfect product team including salespersons and product managers. What’s more, Supergeo offers various post-sales services for its users. You can either browse the online manuals on the official website or check the Supergeo TV channel on Youtube to get more product information. If you’d like to learn more advanced and customized features, there are many skillful technicians in Supergeo that can provide extra help to meet your needs.

This update comes out a bit later than the previous ones since we examine the quality of all features and resolve the issues of SuperGIS Desktop 10 more carefully this time. In other words, the new release is more stable and reliable compared to the ones in the past. In response to the requests from users, we’ve also provided more custom-services in every analyst. For example, in Network Analyst, which is commonly applied to route planning, we offer diverse algorithms and modules for different purposes, such as finding the shortest path, searching for service areas, vehicle routing, and closest facility analysis. However, in some particular situations, the algorithm is not confined to solutions between two different points. Users will need to set up the waypoints between the start point group and the end point group. When using the original module, you should go through more steps and would need more human efforts and time. But if you’re willing to turn to Supergeo and have some discussions with us, you’ll get a workflow designed for your needs and a custom package for program design. After this, next time, you can set up the conditions and obtain the analytic results just a few clicks away!

Offering diversified services is undoubtedly the current trend. Following this trend, Supergeo not only sales its products and provides basic product services, but also puts more efforts on developing custom workflows. In previous talks with our customers, we found out that users are often limited by their GIS knowledge, making them unable to see the potential of applying GIS technology in different tasks. Actually, with the help of GIS software, many spatial related issues can be solved with a simplified workflow. Also, the results can be displayed and visualized in a simple and intuitive way by using GIS. Now that you know this useful custom service, try the latest SuperGIS Desktop 10 immediately to complete your work and fulfill your demands with ease!

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