SuperSurv Selected by Indonesian Agency for Forest Conservation

The product team of Supergeo made a great success in Indonesian market again! With the effort made by its partner in Jakarta—GPS Lands Indosolutions, the Indonesian forestry department has chosen SuperSurv, one of the most powerful mobile GIS apps for Android OS, as the tool collect detailed information on forests. At the same time, the data collector installed SuperSurv is Trimble’s TDC100.

Indonesia has a vast land area of two million square kilometers and is composed of more than 10,000 islands. Among its territories, about half of them are covered by tropical rainforests which nourish a great amount of unique flora and fauna. However, as the economy grows sharply in recent years, deforestation becomes a serious local issue. Conserving the precious forest resources turns to be the main focus of both the Indonesian government and its citizens. Therefore, the government agency responsible for the forest is determined to put more emphasis on field inspection, aiming to manage these resources better and establish a complete database with the help of advanced GIS technologies.

Developed by Supergeo, SuperSurv is one of the most fully-functional mobile GIS software that currently exists. From basic manipulation like creating, editing, and deleting GIS data, to various web and cloud features, such as synchronizing with cloud storage spaces, integrating OGC standard services, and supporting co-editing through SuperGIS Server. Even powerful GPS features— high-precision positioning (via CORS/NTRIP), automated vertex collection, and detailed satellite configuration information are all handy for fieldworkers. What’s more, the new feature— Layerset is included in the latest version— SuperSurv 10.1, which would enable the surveying team to work more seamlessly. The team leader can set up the layers and the columns with this function beforehand, reducing the tedious process of data integration after the fieldwork. Therefore a more efficient collaboration can be achieved.

Watch SupergeoTV to learn how Layerset works:

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