Towards a More Accurate GNSS Positioning – SuperSurv 10.1’s Support for RTCM 3.1

Developed by Supergeo Technologies Inc., SuperSurv is one of the most outstanding mobile GIS apps that also has excellent GNSS positioning functionality. The latest SuperSurv 10.1 is equipped with 3 major new features, including snapping, coordinate system customization, Layerset, and was released in November 2017. Also, Google Maps and TIFF are supported in this version to facilitate the efficiency of field works. However, that does not mean Supergeo will stop improving SuperSurv. Recently, its product team starts to enhance SuperSurv’s NTRIP solution, aiming to adopt more RTCM versions and provide a better GNSS positioning service. NTRIP (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol) is a protocol to send GNSS related data through the internet, which enables users of differential GPS or network RTK to get correction parameters after connecting to the internet. The correction parameters can be used to calculate a more accurate GNSS location.

Currently, Supergeo’s product team is developing the support for RTCM 3.1, including Type 1021 and 1023, two kinds of messages. Type 1021 contains the 7 parameters for 3-axis coordinate transformation – 3 for 3-axis translation, another 3 for 3-axis rotation, and a scale factor. Through the original projection method, users can only get rough coordinates. However, with NTRIP solution, users can send the current location to the server and then receive the parameters provided by it. This makes it easier to obtain a suitable local coordinates frame for more precise coordinates. Type 1023 message has more accurate grid residuals. By establishing a 4 x 4 mask window around the rover, users will receive the 3-axis corrections within these 16 grids. Accordingly, a more accurate GNSS positioning is achievable after interpolation.

After completing the development, this technique will be first implemented in SuperSurv 10.1. Combining with SuperSurv’s existing GIS features, Supergeo believes the newly supported RTCM 3.1 will bring a brand-new experience to fieldworkers. Supergeo’s product manager for mobile GIS, Zara Yu, especially recommends users to activate the point data auto-collection with RTCM 3.1. This method not only helps users skip repeated operations but also enhances the data quality and efficiency. The support for RTCM 3.1 will soon be equipped with the latest version of SuperSurv. Please stay tuned for the upcoming release!

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