Upgraded Extensions of SuperGIS Desktop Provide More Insights

Before the end of this July, Supergeo will release a new update of SuperGIS Desktop 10 along with brand-new SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst and Biodiversity Analyst.

Developed by Supergeo Technologies Inc., SuperGIS Desktop 10 is powerful and multifunctional stand-alone GIS software, which can help users with different needs complete their projects with ease. Furthermore, with extensions specially designed for advanced users, many hidden patterns can be detected and analyzed, improving the quality of decision making.

Among extensions of SuperGIS Desktop, SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst is the toolset that helps users integrate geostatistical methods with geoprocessing functions. By using it, professionals in various fields can explore the variance and the dependence on data, finding meaningful statistical patterns more effortlessly. In this upgrade version, Supergeo significantly improves the user interface, which not only makes it more intuitive but also can check the outliers and abnormal values more rapidly. Therefore, when conducting follow-up analysis, such as Kriging, users can get a more accurate estimation.

In this release, the SuperGIS Biodiversity Analyst is also upgraded. Being a hot research topic in biogeography and landscape ecology for a long time, the relationship between organisms and their living environment contains many complex aspects. SuperGIS Biodiversity Analyst includes abundant tools for people to calculate various indices like richness, diversity, and evenness. Moreover, more than one hundred landscape indices can also be calculated to provide researchers a more thorough understanding of the environment. The upgrade version has further enhanced the computing performance as well as adjusted the interface so that the result of analysis can be examined efficiently.

To help more people gaining geographic insights, Supergeo Product Team will keep developing new functions as well as improving existing features. Please follow the official twitter and facebook account of Supergeo for the latest news on SuperGIS product development!

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