Re-design your map


This is an advanced lesson, you need to know how to add a feature service to you map website before you learn this lesson. You will learn to use various renderers to re-design your map, and use different symbols and colors to design a professional map. You can use simple renderers (single symbol), unique value renderers (unique symbol), class break renderers (graduate color/graduate symbol), dot density renderer (dot density symbol), scale dependent renderers (use different symbols at different scales). 


  • Learn to create a feature layer from a feature service
  • Design colors and symbols
  • Render feature layer with various renderers
  • Publish feature service skills, basic SuperGIS Server JavaScript API knowledge
  • Part 1: Design a single symbol map
  • Part 2: Design a unique symbol map
  • Part 3: Design a graduate color/symbol map
  • Part 4: Design a dot density map
  • Part 5: Design different symbols at different scales