Getting whole new GIS experience by using SuperGIS Desktop 10.1!

The latest version of SuperGIS Desktop has been released this month after undergoing the most rigorous testing. No matter under what kinds of circumstances, SuperGIS Desktop is always able to provide appropriate solutions for users by offering various professional analytical modules. Now, this 10.1 version is ready to offer much more brilliant experience. In 2018, Supergeo has provided lots of our users with customized products. For instance, Network analyst module helps gas suppliers to carry out the best route analyst. In order to help analyzing various researching groups under different propositions, Supergeo also collaborated with the client who needs to utilize numerous statistical reports to develop the practical two-steps searching analyst. The user who needs to perform map investigation also turned to Supergeo for assistance since they can create maps by merely one click via SuperGIS Desktop.     

The new version of SuperGIS Desktop not only improves user experience by increasing the efficiency of transformation of coordinate of big data and geoprocessing, but it also optimizes the function of analytical module such as basin and surface analyst. What’s more important, the efficiency of 3D analytical module has been increased significantly and the users’ interface has been refined as well. Besides, the prevalence of Open Data made Supergeo decide to embed some of the WMS and WMTS services into OGC service. By doing this, users are able to implement our products much more easily.

The variety of customzied solutions offered by Supergeo are all designed by professional analysts under conscientious process based on clients’ demand. Finally, we will combine all the materials with powerful SuperGIS products and achieve the desired result that beyond clients expectation. SuperGIS Desktop 10.1 has been ready to meet your needs, don’t wait anymore and contact SueprGEO for more information!    

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Don’t miss the customized application of network analyst!

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