Network Analysis Module – A customized solution in SuperGIS Desktop

Supergeo has always been committed to providing various kinds of analysis module which can be applied to different situations. Thus, offering customized solutions is always the top priority for Supergeo. Our analysts will combine a variety of materials which are based on client’s needs and desired result with GIS products. What’s more, we spare no effort to design an appropriate solution process and evaluate how clients are familiar with GIS software as well. All we want is to make our users operate GIS software effortlessly and achieve productive result rapidly.

One of the company purchased SuperGIS Network Analysis Module to sort out the best route for their drivers to deliver goods. The reason that the company turned to Supergeo for assistance is that they used to spend a huge amount of time on training personnel how to operate software before acquiring the results they need. As a result, they usually spend more than 3 months to finish one case, which is quite economic and time inefficient. After realizing the adversity they encountered, our GIS analysts started adjusting the sticky part of that case. Aside from redesigning the process, the company can adjust and refine the result to the way they want. By doing so, they can save not only time but also money since they can finally put the data into practice as soon as they finish analysis.

With the assistance of Supergeo, the company shortens the case period from four months to only a month by implementing customized solutions. All of Supergeo products are able to satisfy customized demand and will undergo rigorous testing before launching. In addition, with the detailed and complete operation manual, the turnover of professional personnel will no longer cause any trouble. The case we share above is only an individual case of all the other clients that Supergeo serve. There is always a customized solution for you and your company! Always feel free to contact us for any possibility, we will be more than glad to offer help.

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