Google Maps API billing changes!

On May 2nd of this year, Google made an official announcement that it would change the pricing and products of Google Maps Services, and the new rule has already gone into effect since July 16th! The news came as a great shock to the information technology industry because users are further required to provide their API keys and credit card accounts for billing. Nevertheless, the good news is that Google gives users $200 USD free usage every month. That is, you won’t have to pay if you don’t exceed a certain amount of data. The purpose of this plan modification might be to control the amount and domains of usage of Google Maps Services more precisely.


The SuperSurv10.1 series is widely approved by Supergeo’s users for its simple and intuitive design. Fieldworkers from a variety of fields have applied this smart tool to conduct their field surveys, such as data collection in agriculture, forestry, mining, etc. To maximize the working efficiency, these fieldworkers are already used to operate SuperSurv surveying function with Google’s online maps. Therefore, the change of Google Maps pricing will have a direct effect on these Supergeo’s users. Many of these surveyors are not quite familiar with the application procedure of Google Maps API Key. Others might be concerned about the pricing issues. Owing to this, Supergeo summarizes some useful information from Google and online resources. You can check the links below to know how to apply your API key and just follow the tutorial step by step. Then,you can rest assured when using the Google Maps Services on SuperSurv 10.1!


As aforementioned, the new pricing plan is “pay as you go”. Everyone who applies for the Google Maps Services has a $200 free credit per month, and there is no additional charge if you use the service within this credit. If you still worried about an unexpected expense, you can set budget alerts. So please feel free to enter your API key in SuperSurv 10.1!


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Online tutorial: How to apply Google Maps API key?




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