A Great Opportunity of Smart Traffic Management— Supergeo to Open Up New Future for GIS Server with U.S. PAE!

This month, Supergeo has welcomed PAE’s vice president of sales, Joe Cucchiari, who came all the way from the U.S.! In this meeting, we have found many opportunities for business cooperation between the two companies. Joe was quite impressed by the fast development of GIS technology in Taiwan. And he drew an idea of combining PAE’s public safety solutions with Supergeo’s web mapping technologies. In this way, Supergeo and PAE will both be able to provide customers with a better user experience and create a win-win situation!


PAE is a U.S. company and its clients are mainly from the national government and other related international organizations. It offers public services in various fields, such as road traffic safety, infrastructure building, and military training by providing professional techniques and software solutions. So far, PAE has expanded its business territory to five continents around the world with about 20,000 members of the workforce, making it a well-known international corporation.


In this meeting, Joe mentioned that PAE’s software solutions like EasyStreetDraw, ScenePD, and FireScene for the crash and crime scene diagramming, fire pre-planning and post-incident reporting can all be integrated into geospatial techniques when it comes to mapping, big data analysis, and information sharing. For instance, in Supergeo’s self-developed product—SuperGIS Server 10, one of its key features is SuperGIS Web Mapper. Designed with simple workflow in mind, SuperGIS Web Mapper enables users to establish a custom GIS website with just a few clicks away. Besides, there are diverse layer display features, complete mapping tools, flexible access control settings in SuperGIS Web Mapper. Users can enjoy a high-quality visualization as well as perform a basic analysis of the spatial data. Supergeo is confident of its capability in geospatial visualization and cross-platform operation functions. If these can be integrated into the software solutions that PAE already has, it will be the icing on the cake! The users will be able to formulate a more comprehensive solution to the country’s traffic problems.


As one of the world leading brand of GIS software, Supergeo always remains open-minded about any possibilities of cooperation. It is our earnest hope to work with enterprises or experts from different domains to develop custom solutions. If you have any innovative thoughts about the application of spatial information, please feel free to contact us(staff@supergeo.com.tw)!


A Case study of business cooperation between Supergeo and its partner:


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