Adaptive Design in SuperSurv 10.1 Ensures High-efficiency Fieldwork in Various Domains

Sincethe first release of SuperSurv 10.1, there is a growing demand in diverse fields as it offers services in many aspects, including agriculture, forestry, mining, and site selection. Supergeo is proud of the functionalities and GIS technologies in SuperSurv 10.1. When combined with high-precision hardware, it will definitely maximize the benefits of lower cost, lighter workload, higher efficiency, and better quality.

Realizing that most of the field workers are not skillful at operating GIS devices, Supergeo’s R&D team has made SuperSurv 10.1 adaptable to different needs, which means a few minor adjustments are acceptable. This might seems negligible for ordinary users, but for outdoor surveyors who often work in very austere surroundings, these adjustments are crucial because they will help simplify the workflows and improve the efficiency significantly. The custom alteration not only allows slight changes in features but also in user interfaces. For example, in some cases, field workers often need to apply the “tracklog” function. After several discussions between customers and Supergeo’s R&D team, a new hot key for this function can be added in the UI so that next time the surveyors will be able to turn on this feature quickly. These alterations are nothing special. However, if one can save about five seconds for an operation step, after 100 times of the same operating procedure, he or she will save near 10 minutes just in this step! This will not only simplify the workflow but reduce the rate of human errors.

In the future, Supergeo is confident that SuperSurv 10.1 will become more and more popular among many surveying-related fields. The reliable GIS technique, as well as the flexible design, are both the key factors, making this mobile GIS product even attractive! Nevertheless, Supergeo is never content with what we already have. Instead, we will move forward to meet the requirements from each and every domain and extract the experience from those custom-designed cases. Also, we will keep improving SuperSurv to make it more closely integrated with different hardware, which ensures a better user experience!

See how SuperSurv can help you finish the field survey with ease! 

SuperSurv is also powerful in monitoring soil and water conservation!


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