Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival with Supergeo together!

Mid-Autumn Festival is regarded as one of the important holiday in Taiwan.

It seems that the weather this week will be suitable for travelling.

Why not having a picnic and appreciate the beautiful Moon with your family together?

We prepared a Google Map as a guide to show the best parks in Taipei.

See the following map to search for the nearest park to you!


Top 20

Da-Hu Park
Rong-Xing Park
Da-An Park
Wai Shuangxi Riverside Park
Xin-Yi 12th Playground
228 Park
Yuan-Shan Park
Ching-Nian Park
Lin-Sen Park
Nan-Gang Park
Fu-Lin Park
Xinyi Public Assembly Hall
Xing-Long Park
Bi-Hu Park
Jian-Cheng Park
Min-Chuan Park
Jing-Hua Park
Lian-Cheng Park
Bai-Fu Park
Xin-Yi 13th Playground
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